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Caritas Diocese of Bogor implementing the programs in Sumur District




Most people in Sumur District, Pandeglang Regency, Banten Province already know what Caritas doing in their area. Caritas Diocese of Bogor in coordination with Caritas Indonesia, implementing the Project of “Livelihoods Rehabilitation and Disaster Risk Reduction on Post Sunda Strait Tsunami” in Sumur District. Endin Haerudin, Head of Sumur District asked his staffs, Youth and women activists from family welfare program to actively involved in Caritas’ programs, such as Training on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Comprehensive School Safety (CSS) or Satuan Pendidikan Aman Bencana.


Bishop of Bogor Diocese, Mgr. Paskalis Bruno Syukur, OFM (center), Fr. Fredy Rante Taruk, Executive Director of Caritas Indonesia (Red Batik), Fr. Yulius Eko Priyambodo (Brown-White Batik), Director of Caritas Diocese of Bogor with representatives of Caritas Java Region and other participants at the official Project Kick-Off in Cathedral of Bogor, July 15, 2019. (Photo: Caritas Diocese of Bogor/Caritas Indonesia)


Endin Haerudin, Head of Sumur District, giving speech in an opening program of Caritas Diocese of Bogor. (Photo: Caritas Diocese of Bogor/Caritas Indonesia)


Noris Islamiq, a teacher at SD Sumber Jaya 3, Sumur District who joined the DRR and CSS trainings by her own will is happy to know Caritas. “I really enjoy the training and love to learn new knowledge. Also, all facilitators deliver training’s material through simple language and they are friendly with all participants.” She emphasized, “Caritas came here in the right time with the right support and friendly staff. I need to do more for my students here with Caritas.”


Noris Islamiq (far left) and a staff of Caritas Diocese of Bogor in a session of CSS program in Sumber Jaya School 3 currently (Photo: Caritas Diocese of Bogor/Caritas Indonesia)


A teacher at SD Taman Jaya 2, named Fathurrohman, has another expression to CSS training by Caritas. “Thank you, Caritas, for introducing CSS to us. The training is suitable and contextual for people who live in the red zone area like here in Sumur District where remote and far away from big city. I think people of Sumur District agree with me, Caritas should stay longer and provide more sustainable program for us.”


Fathurrohman practicing CSS program in Taman Jaya School where located only 20 meters from the coastline of Sunda Strait. (Photo: Caritas Diocese of Bogor/Caritas Indonesia)


In another occasion, a senior educator in Sumur District and prominent adviser for boy scout in regency level, named Yaya Jakaria, has specific opinion based on his experience as a teacher. “Perhaps in Sumur District, I am a senior teacher and a boy scout’s leader, but CSS that Caritas introduced, really open my mind. I need Caritas to develop the program not only for elementary level but also for students in higher levels. The concept of CSS is suitable, relax and fit with boy scout’s exercises.” Yaya also emphasized, “Caritas should continue the program because it’s useful.”


Yaya Jakaria (left), a senior educator in a session of CSS training in Cinibung, Ujung Kulon, Banten. (Photo: Caritas Diocese of Bogor/Caritas Indonesia)


People are very impressed with what Caritas doing. Caritas Diocese of Bogor have started the programs with keep in respect to locals. Wati, an activist of Family Welfare Community from Paniis, Village of Taman Jaya, believe that Caritas’ presence will give positive impact to economic side, especially for women. She said that, Caritas’ program is real. “Caritas come to us in polite way and offer a real program, such as bamboo handcraft. I hope it would be run well here and help economic recovery for affected people, especially for women.”


Wati (left), an activist from Paniis Village, Taman Jaya. (Photo: Caritas Diocese of Bogor/Caritas Indonesia)


Nana, a humble guy and leader of local fishermen community is one of survivors from Sunda Straits Tsunami 2018. He was there, right in the sea for fishing while the wave shook and broke his boat. He was so grateful that he could arrived home and found his family in a safer place far from his current house in Ujung Jaya Village. “I am one of Tsunami’s survivors at that night and still remember very well what kind of wave that hit me and broke my boat. I was at the sea for fishing. He said that Caritas arrived in Sumur District like a water for thirsty people. “I trust the programs. All staff of Caritas are my family too”, he added.


Nana and his wife, expressed how grateful they are for the presence of Caritas. (Photo: Caritas Diocese of Bogor/Caritas Indonesia)


Wawan Setiawan, local figure who proud to know Caritas. (Photo: Caritas Diocese of Bogor/Caritas Indonesia).


It’s clear that the presence of Caritas in Sumur District was joyful. A local figure and well-known businessperson of Cigorondong Village, named Wawan Setiawan feels happy and proud to know Caritas. He joined DRR training by Caritas because he needs to upgrade his knowledge about disaster that he already knows from his parents.  “I joined the DRR Training by Caritas because I need to update my knowledge in disasters’ preparedness, preventions, level of risk, and evacuation routes. Thank you, Caritas for upgrading my knowledge. Please stay here any longer. We love people like you.”



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