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Learning Project Compassion from Caritas Australia




The Karina Foundation just had a great learning experience from Caritas Australia. In March 2019, Karina was invited to be involved in the campaign of “Project Compassion: Give Lent 100%” which was organized by Caritas Australia. Project Compassion (PC) is a fundraising campaign held in Lent or fasting season to raise sharing awareness towards dis-advantages or needy people around the world. Caritas Australia has implemented this campaign since 1966 and became the largest annual national agenda in the Continent of Australia.


This year, Caritas Australia invited two international speakers to be involved in 3 weeks activities in the West Coast and East Coast Australia. They were Yohanes Baskoro from Karina Foundation and Super Dube from Caritas Hwange, Zimbabwe. Both were trained by Caritas Australia in three sessions, just before the PC activities began. In session 1, they were trained about the history of Caritas Australia and the PC program in general. Training in session 2 focus on supporting tools or campaign materials for speaker, and session 3 was about practicing public speaking as well as exercising an interview with or without a camera.


Y. Baskoro and Super Dube with Paul O’Callaghan (CEO Caritas Australia). (Photo: Caritas Australia)


It was clear that Caritas Australia prepared seriously the PC by involving Catholic societies in Australia, from the diocesan level, parishes, categorical groups and Catholic schools. Project Compassion was indeed seen as the second biggest fundraising activities in Australia. The funds that were collected from this campaign are used to support Australian Caritas’ programs in poor countries. In addition, the funds were also distributed to countries where the Caritas Australia partners were affected, and Karina was one of Australia’s Caritas partners.


What was the learning points from this year PC activity? First, this activity has an excellent concept and involving all levels of Catholics in Australia. The campaign materials were accessible anywhere. Supports to this PC activities come from the Australian Catholic Church hierarchy, heads of Catholic schools and all elements of catholic societies. Parents, children, and even the elderlies, and patients in the hospital are very welcome without discrimination. Everyone’s involvement in this PC by their own ways has made the Lent not merely a fasting season but also a happiness to share.


Y. Baskoro with Diocesan Director of Caritas Toowoomba and some students. (Photo: Chaterine McAleer, DD Caritas Toowoomba)


Secondly, in such a big event, there was a clear classification of roles, where the Fundraising and Communication divisions are the same importance as the Program and Finance divisions, and they were the backbone of Caritas Australia in providing humanitarian assistance. In 2018, the PC could raise as much as AUS $11 million, and this because of the widely disseminated information and a very well growing awareness of the PC’s importance. And third, the main motivation of fundraising in the PC is to raise awareness through educative information and not just offering donation box to be filled in with money.


The campaign materials of Project Compassion were accessible anywhere. (Photo: Y. Baskoro)


Project Compassion is not about collecting money, but it’s about greetings and an invitation to do good that anyone can do, whether children or parents, even the elderlies. This Project was unique because it combines Fundraising, friend raising and awareness raising at once. The Karina’s involvement in this project was a very precious experience. Karina had experience and inspiration to develop its own fundraising activities. Thank you, Caritas Australia! ●


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