Vision and Mission – Caritas Indonesia – KARINA


The compassion of the integrity of human dignity is fulfilled.


  1. To strengthen the Church humanitarian services as a realization of its calling identity to prioritize the poor (Luke 4: 18-19, Mat 25:31-46).
  2. To build internally and externally a mutual empowering network of Caritas in Indonesia.
  3. To strengthen the capacity of Caritas network/Caritas family in Indonesia that inclusive and accessible for public.


  1. Equal Dignity
    Human being is created as God’s image (ref. Gen 1:26). As God’s image, human being is theological dimension meaning that human being has the capacity to recognize God; cosmic dimension which means human being is able to reflect the self and the environment in more holistic manner and put solidarity with other God’s creation; communal dimension which means human being cannot live by their own and must be with others.
  2. Social Justice
    Social justice is the true relation between human being and God (theology), within him/herself (anthropology), with others (sociology) and with the universe (cosmology). Therefore, human being must consider those four elements in order to be just (ref Isaiah 1.1-11; Amos 4: 4-5, 5:21-24, Hosea 6:6; Matthew 23:23). In relation with others, justice encouraged human being to put one another equally. Hence, there would be no “master-slave” relationship.
  3. Peace
    In the Old Testament, peace is described as “shalom” which means safe, peace, common good, secure in material and spiritual way. On broader term peace includes assurance of healthy and prosper condition. In short, shalom is everything that enhances our well being and the blessing of God which improve our quality of life.
  4. Democracy
    Democracy is not limited to the state system, yet also in the aspect of economy, social and culture. Democracy is a way to organize the communities’ life that reflects the public preferences and emphasizes on people’s participation, representation and accountability.
  5. Integrity of creation
    The earth and its creatures are created by God. And God saw every things that he had made, and, behold, it was very good (rel Gen 1:31).The unique interconnection between God’s creations- include human shape the integrity of creation that is valuable to God. It is human obligation to nurture and look after the integrity of creation.


Openness, partnership, solidarity, subsidiarity, vocational, gender equality, taking side and defending the weak, transparency, accountability, sustainability, participation, respecting plurality and dialogue.

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