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Open Recruitment for Networking & Communication Officer (Jakarta)


Job Title      : Networking & Communication Officer

Location      : East Jakarta

Division       : Program

Date             : A.S.A.P.

KARINA (Caritas Indonesia) is the humanitarian arm of the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia based in East Jakarta and is officially considered as a member of the Caritas Internationalis Confederation. Established in mid-2006, it recently completed its first strategic planning in early 2008. One of the results of the strategic planning is the identification of 2 (two) main divisions: Programs Division and Support Division. KARINA (Caritas Indonesia) acts as a coordinating and facilitating body for all the 37 Dioceses incorporated under the Bishops’ Conference of Indonesia.



The Network & Communication Officer is responsible for the overall effective and efficient implementation and management of all KARINA’s network and communication in Indonesia. In addition, the Network & Communication Officer must ensure best practices in all network, advocacy and communication areas with a strong commitment towards Caritas Internationalist principles and values and an understanding of the role of the Catholic Church in emergency and development activities. Specifically, the Network & Communication Officer is responsible for:

  1. Developing network, advocacy and communication planning, implementation, monitoring-evaluation and reporting.
  2. Developing partnership with internal stakeholders (Diocese Caritas and Catholic sister organisations).
  3. Developing networking with external stakeholders (government, non-government organisation, private sectors, etc).
  4. Maintaining communication and relation with donors, individually and institutionally
  5. Developing public relation in national, regional and international communities.
  6. Developing KARINA’s publication, information and database of lessons learned, volunteers, articles, and other important documents.

REPORTING TO: Program Manager

CONTRACT DURATION: The contract will be 1 (one) year with the possibility for extension.


  1. Developing network, advocacy and communication planning, implementation, monitoring-evaluation and reporting.
  • Responsible for developing and designing annual operational planning of the organization (general annual planning, including program design and operational activities of the organization), especially from the networking and communication perspectives.
  • Ensuring insertion and integration of network-communication works in KARINA’s program/project planning and reporting
  • Assisting capacity building for staffs in KARINA or Dioceses.
  • Responsible for delivering high quality of project implementation and timely submission of reports.
  • Participating in monthly Staff Meetings in order to update and monitor the implementation of operational planning and other institutional businesses.
  • Providing regular report on network and communication activities.
  1. Partnership with Internal Stakeholders
  • In collaboration with Managers and Coordinators, promoting and designing partnership among Diocesan Caritas and other “Sister Church Organizations /Commissions”
  • Assisting Program Manager/Executive Director to promote and conduct collaboration and partnership with other Social Pastoral Body of the Bishop Conference of Indonesia (PSE, Peace & Justice Commission, and others)
  • Assisting Program Manager/Executive Director and Executive Board, to coordinate meeting events for Caritas Family and Dioceses in Indonesia (Director Forum, Annual Meetings, and also other events needed).
  • Assisting Program Manager/Executive Director and Executive Board of Yayasan KARINA in promoting Caritas spirit and values among caritas networks in Indonesia.
  • Representing KARINA at various workshops, briefings and other meetings in order to promote and to make sure an effective communication between Caritas networks at all levels (diocesan, national, regional and international).
  1. Networking with External Stakeholders
  • Developing programmatic and technical linkages with local, national and international organisations and the private sector in order to gain leverage and resources that enhance its ability to accomplish its mission
  • Representing KARINA at various workshops, briefings and other meetings in order to promote and to make sure an effective communication for government, non-government organization, private sector and other potential networks
  • Identifying membership in coalition, network and alliances, and playing leadership and involvement as appropriate
  • Developing written agreement for partnership, if applicable, to define and foster trust and cooperation
  • Conducting regular consultation with major stakeholders to promote concern on policy issues, funding, project design, implementation, and its impact assessment.
  • Sharing information about current or planned services, other activities, and results with intended beneficiary communities, partners and other external stakeholder
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of its partnerships with other organizations through reflections and documented report
  • Providing possessions of communication, information sharing, dissemination strategies to inform and influence KARINA’s policies and programs
  1. Donor Relation
  • Assisting Management Team (Director, Managers and Coordinators) to develop program/project which will be submitted to donors
  • Providing information, data and publication to be used as a media for fund raising activities
  • Leveraging resources from the government and donors for communities and KARINA
  • Helping Program Manager and Executive Director, in promoting KARINA’s activities in order to be well known, recognized, and respected by international and local donors, civil society actors, and government officials.
  1. Public Relation
  • Developing system and strategy for KARINA’s public relation (manual for public relation and dissemination of information)
  • With approval from the Program Manager, Executive Director and/or Executive Board, representing KARINA’s press release, official publication on specific issues.
  • In Supervise of Program Manager, developing and updating information through KARINA’s public medias (website, Facebook, twitter, e-newsletter, etc.)
  • Managing correspondence with internal as well as external partners through e-mail, phone, cards, etc.
  1. Publication, Communication and Database
  • Coordinating publication and sharing information to public and external or internal stakeholders on KARINA’s activities through social media (website, Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletter, annual report publication, leaflet, Christmas and Easter cards, etc.)
  • Publicizing the lessons learned, best practices, policies and other activities of KARINA through Caritas Communication Platform (BAOBAB) and external platforms in a format of press releases, briefings, statements, articles, etc. related to strategic issues of Caritas network in Indonesia.
  • Being responsible for the management of the design and content of the KARINA’s website, Facebook, Twitter and other publications.
  • Being responsible for updating KARINA’s social media’s content and publications
  • Being responsible for KARINA’s database, webmail, and other IT issues related to media and communication.
  • Undertaking any other tasks given by his/her supervisor and Executive Director of KARINA Caritas Indonesia as long as his/her main tasks are not interrupted.
  • When necessary s/he will provide advice and training on communication and information strategy and policies at KARINA or Dioceses offices.


  1. Deus Caritas Est, especially second part, about organized charity action.
  2. Based on KARINA and CI guiding values and principles.
  3. Core Humanitarian Standard
  4. Team working, internally with all staffs and with Diocesan staffs/volunteers.
  5. Good planning and good implementation.
  6. Participatory and communicative.
  7. Efficient, accurate and supportive.
  8. No corruption, accountable and responsible.
  9. Transparent (he/she must have a report and supporting evidence to any expense for the program implementation).
  10. Write Back to Office (BTO) Report (to be circulated internally by Communication Officer) after attending meetings/conferences/workshops/trainings/events/site visits to project location with project partners and/or donors.


  • Graduate from S1 of Communication Science, Marketing Communication, English Letters, Public Relation, or Journalism.
  • At least 2 years’ experience in media communication, public relation, journalism, marketing and fundraising.
  • At least 2 years’ experience working with national and international partners.
  • Experience in working within humanitarian aid issues and having a good understanding in resiliency and climate change adaption issues.
  • Creative as well as compassionate (berbelarasa).
  • Good experience in organizational development highly desirable.
  • Skills in photography for features and journalism documentation.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Bahasa Indonesia and English.
  • Strong conceptual skills to design and plan strategically the contents of publication and communication media.
  • Sensitivity to gender issues.
  • Computer proficiency in general, such as MS Office (Words, Excel, Publisher), blogging, web, and any design software/applications.

Application, CV and contact details for 3 references should be submitted by e-mail to:   and at the latest 30 September 2018.


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Yayasan KARINA

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Fax : (+62-21) 8590 6763
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Twitter : @Caritas_ID


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Bank BCA
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Atas nama : YAY KARINA
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