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Taxation Training: Preserving Public Trust


KARINA Foundation’s work in humanitarian activities for the last ten years is of course not only rely on the spirit of service, but also the spirit of professionalism. KARINA continuously provides various trainings to its personnel, to improve staff capacity and professional service activities. One form of capacity building is taxation training which was intended to provide knowledge and understanding to the personnel in carrying out tax functions in accordance with the rules applicable in Indonesia.

This taxation training was held on June 6 – 7, 2016, at KARINA’s office, Matraman Street No. 31, East Jakarta. Mr. Yuda Aryanto (senior trainer, taxation lecturer at Unika Atmajaya Jakarta, and Vice President of Accounting in PT Angkasa Pura) became the main facilitator in this activity. Meanwhile, Mr. Thomas Chandra (managing partner of The Professionals Tax Consultant Firm) became the co-facilitator in the first day. Those who were presented and got involved in this two days training were the deputy board and staffs, and also the representation from KARINA Jogja.

Bapak Thomas Chandra (berdiri) ketika memberikan pengantar pada pembukaan Lokalatih Perpajakan(Foto: Martin Dody K.).
Mr. Thomas Chandra (standing) gave introductory speech to all participants of Taxation Training. (Photo: Martin Dody K.).

As a humanitarian institution as well as a public foundation, these training activities are considered important because every activity done by KARINA doesn’t slip from the tax policies in Indonesia. Besides, this training is done so the staff has a better understanding of the general provisions and procedure of taxation in our country. Through this activity, the participant hopefully could increase their knowledge about various types of taxes, government policy related to tax, also tax liabilities that should be fulfilled as a citizen.

The material given on the first day was about the general provisions of taxation, its procedures, also the laws. Furthermore, it was explained about the obligation and mechanism of tax reporting as an individual, also tax collection and the settlement of tax disputes. After lunch, the participant was invited to know more about Corporate Income Tax. That was related to KARINA in the form of foundation. This was in accordance with Article 2 Paragraph 1 letter b UU Pph that mentions that a similar foundation or organizations are included in the subject of corporate tax. Besides, the facilitator also explained about the types of income.

Bapak Yuda Aryanto, fasilitator Lokalatih Perpajakan.
Mr. Yuda Aryanto, the facilitator of Taxation Training. (Photo: Martin Dody K.)

On the second day, the training was started by answering a small questionnaire from the facilitator. The materials specifically discussed about Income Tax based on PPh article 21 and PPh article 23. The participants were also asked about what kind of object that will be subject to income tax, for every article and fare. Tax cuts, payment, and reporting mechanism were also discussed in this session. This taxation training was held with educational methods for adults. Participants were given a chance to share their experience and also look for the answer for the developing questions, related to the material presented.

The participant, especially the one that always involved in various kinds of financial transaction works felt the true benefits of this taxation training. Some things that become a problem before could now be resolved. This certainly added the personnel’s confidence in KARINA to conduct financial transactions with good, transparent and accountable manner. So that the credibility of the foundation accountable in public support and trust given to KARINA foundation could always be preserved.▪ MDK


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