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Rebuilding Volunteer Network from Jogja


“We are volunteers for life because we live here with Merapi,” said KH Masrur Ahmad MZ to the volunteer management training participants of Diocesan Caritas in Indonesia. KH Masrur shared his experience on volunteer management and how it was fostered through the Islamic Boarding School together with his students and community living around it. They tirelessly provide understanding of preparedness of Merapi eruption through various media and cooperation with different inter-faith institutions. Al-Qodir Islamic Boarding School is located in the slope of Merapi Volcano in Cangkringan, less than 7 kilometers from its summit.

Prior going to Cangkringan, the participants spent their time with the Parish Priest and emergency response volunteers of St. Peter and Paul Parish Babadan, Yogyakarta discussing about volunteer management and emergency situation in the area. The Parish team shared how the church shifted its function in order to respond quickly to the emergency situation occurring in 2010. Initially, the Parish Priest at that time and a few of parishioners could only host small number of displaced people. The situation, however, gotten worse with increasing number of displaced people. The Parish then decided to host more displaced people with supports from other parties, including KARINAKAS (Caritas of Archdiocese of Semarang), in providing assistance to the displaced people to get through the emergency response period.

Suasana wawanhati di Pondok Pesantren Al Qodir, Cangkringan, Yogyakarta (Foto: KARINA).
Participants are having a dialogue with the Chairman and students of Al Qodir Islamic Boarding School at Cangkringan, Yogyakarta (Foto: KARINA).

These two valuable experience were part of the “Volunteer Management” training organized by KARINA KWI in collaboration with NASSA/Caritas Philippines with supports from EU Aid Volunteers, EAC-EA, Caritas Austria and Caritas Asia. The training held in RPCB Syantikara, Yogyakarta on 17 – 19 July 2018 was attended by 31 participants of 17 dioceses in Indonesia, namely Caritas Tanjung Karang, Caritas Padang, Caritas Sintang, Caritas Ketapang, Socio-Economic Commission of Banjarmasin Diocese, Caritas Pontianak, KARINAKAS, Caritas Purwokerto, KARINA Surabaya, Caritas Ende, Caritas PSE Larantuka, Caritas Atambua, Socio-Economic Commission of Kupang Diocese, Caritas PSE Ruteng, Caritas PSE Manado, Socio-Economic Commission of Archdiocese of Makassar, and Socio-Economic Commision of Agats Diocese.

The participants learned about the basics of volunteer management in an organization during the three day event which was delivered in English. The participants showed their enthusiasm and commitment in participating in the entire training, group discussions and tasks assigned by the facilitator in spite of the language. Father Joy Derry, the Executive Director of Caritas PSE Manado, stated that the training was very useful. “I was reminded on preparing an organization before accepting any volunteers, especially in selecting and recruiting. I also learned how to give acknowledgement and motivation to volunteers,” said Father Joy.

Pelatihan ini difasilitasi oleh Cecilio Guardian dari NASSA/Caritas Philippines (Foto: KARINA).
This training was facilitated by Cecilio Guardian from NASSA/Caritas Philippines (Photo: KARINA).

“I hope I can share this knowledge of this training in my diocese, at least to recruit volunteers based on the specification or needs, as well as giving recognition to them,” added Father Allparis Freeangoro, Pr, the Chairman of Socio Economic Commission of Banjarmasin Diocese. In this training, the participants also learned about developing relationship between staffs and volunteers in an organization. The presence of volunteer is mainly to assist, instead of replacing the role and responsibilities of a staff. “If there is a conflict (between volunteer and staff or with other volunteers), I hope I can manage it,” said Sister Aloysia Uda Tena of Diocese of Agats.

It is the second time KARINA organized capacity building for staffs and volunteers of Diocesan Caritas in Indonesia in Yogyakarta, a city famously known for its richness in culture and diversity. Labelled as City of Education, Yogyakarta has its ‘magical power’ in attracting people to come and study here. Therefore, it is very certain that the “education” of emergency preparedness can be done jointly by people of different faiths and backgrounds. Bantul Earthquake 2006 and Merapi Eruption 2010 have stood as firm foundation that disasters impact every one. Thus, any efforts to cope, recover, and build preparedness capacity become everybody’s responsibilities regardless of their backgrounds or groups. Salam belarasa kita! ● YB


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