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OMK MAFITA: Young People in Disaster Responsea (Part. 1)

(Photo: Danica Coloay)
(Photo: Danica Coloay)

Matris Filio Dicata (Presented by The Mother for The Son). That was what is written on the main gate of the Parish Church of Santa Perawan Maria, in Jl. K.H Wahid Hasyim, Purworejo, Central Java. During the past month, approximately since June 18, 2016, this place had become a services post for the volunteer that help the landslide survivors in Purworejo. In the empty room beside the church, OMK parish with local people managed and distributed help for the affected community. This group of Catholic young people worked together with people and other community in giving services for the one that got misfortune.

Few days after the service post was opened, KARINA team, Caritas Diocese Bandung, and Caritas Diocese Purwokerto came to provide aid. This small team was there to assist the humanity services, also giving accompaniment like psychosocial activity for the volunteers who were tired physically and psychologically, revamping the administration and logistic system in parish service post. Although most of the OMK volunteers were still in school-age, but their spirit in helping misfortunate community were worth to be appreciated. The Parish Priest, E.A Wignyo Seputro, MSC in a Eucharist, gave a deep appreciation for the young man’s initiative in his parish for responding this landslide.

Para relawan yang terdiri orang-orang muda mengatur barang-barang bantuan yang akan dibagikan kepada para penyintas bencana tanah longsor di Purworejo (Foto: Danica Coloay).
Volunteers distributed humanitarian aids for survivors of landslide in Purworejo (Photo: Danica Coloay).

This disaster became an important experience for the OMK in learning to make a needs assessment and its analysis, making the priority for the selected location, also make notes and report for the aid supplies. Their humanitarian services got supports from Y. Subay (Caritas Bandung) who gave an accompaniment for post management and volunteers, Aryo Saptoaji and Leo Depa Dey (KARINA) assisting in communication and coordination with BPBD Purworejo Regency and Humanitarian Network Forum Indonesia in Purworejo, also Danica Coloay (Caritas Bandung) in assisting the administration and logistic concern. Besides sharing knowledge and experience in emergency response, the small team of KARINA and Caritas Diocese Bandung also invited the volunteers to stick to the humanity behavior code of ethics in giving help according to the SPHERE standard.

The humanity service process becoming complete with the presence of Caritas Diocese Purwokerto that provided a trail vehicle facility to access difficult field, also power assistance for the review process, administrating and reporting the fund that’s going in and out. In their visit to the humanitarian post service, RD Tarcisius Puryatno (Caritas Diocese Purwokerto Director) encouraged the volunteers to work in compassion spirit. Father Puryatno asked all that worked here to always do transparency for the fund and aiding the activity that the church does. He added that the meaning of this accompaniment was so we could be responsible for the humanitarian work to the donors and benefits recipient, corresponding to the Caritas Diocese Purwokerto Emergency Response SOP.

The existence of a small team from Caritas Indonesia Network and the OMK became a solid force because it was able to adapt quickly and could communicate well. On the other hand, the parish was also open and willing to learn to respond to the survivors properly and precisely.

The Director of Caritas Diocese Purwokerto, RD Tarcisius Puryatno (on purple shirt), when visiting volunteers at the Parish of Purworejo (Photo: Danica Coloay).

KARINA and Caritas Diocese involvement in responding on Parish Santa Perawan Purworejo was also to test the Emergency Response SOP that already had been made by Caritas Diocese Bandung and Caritas Diocese Purwokerto. This disaster was the reason for the reactivation of the roster emergency response system that were agreed together on Learning Event ERICA (Emergency Response Institutional Capacity Accompaniment) at Megamendung, Bogor on the last May 2016. The existence of Caritas Indonesia Network that already has an experience in responding disaster, give enough significant impact for the humanitarian services that being carried out.

According to Subay, “This accompaniment was done to carry the animation, facilitation, and coordination function like what was contained in the Emergency Response SOP. So, it is not intended to shape OMK to become an expert in emergency response section.” At least, during the accompanying process, the volunteer had increased their capacity for emergency response. They aren’t only standing still and waiting for help, but becoming more active in collecting affected community’s data, building communication with the stakeholders, making work plan, and making a reflective together. So that the service given by these young people have found an intact humanity value and being helpful for others through a universal spirit of love.▪ Writer contributor: Y. Subay & Danica Coloay. Editor: Y.Baskoro.


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