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KARINA Recollection: Living in the spirit of service


On the past March 29 – April 1, 2016, KARINA has done a recollection for staff and the foundation’s caretaker. The recollection was done in the Matahari Guest House and Playground, in Cilember, Cisarua, Bogor. This recollection was guided by Pastor Yosef Yuwono, OFM. Cap, who gave the recollection material also guidance in discussion and reflection. The purpose of this recollection was to get a refreshment and affirmation for the KARINA’ services done by the staff and caretakers, by an introduction to self, with others (KARINA team), and with God. This is needed so all personnel on KARINA were not trapped by daily work routine and activities, also override spiritual values underlying it.

Pastor Yosef explains that in essentially, human has three elements of intelligence, it is rational (IQ: mind, how I think), emotional (EQ: feelings, how I feel), and spiritual (SQ: act, how I behave). With using mind, we could separate which is wrong and which is right. With using feels, we could express our happiness and sadness. Those two elements of intelligence become a base for us to decide our act. The levels of human emotional and spiritual intelligence could still be developed according to the life experiences. These two elements support each other to develop corresponding to the human ability in interpreting life.

Suasana rekoleksi di ruangan terbuka. (Foto: Y. Baskoro)
The recollection was performed in outdoor place. (Photo: Y. Baskoro)

Besides that, early in the recollection, was mentioned about “wellbeing at work” that are delivered by Father Adrianus Suyadi, SJ, Executive Director of KARINA Foundation. In this part, the participant were asked to look at our role in KARINA. “Are we only looking for jobs in KARINA, or looking for a career, or because of a calling?” This reflective question then was associated with Encyclical Deus Caritas Est and gospel readings related to the subject. There we could understand that “wellbeing at work” could be manifested if we found happiness and meaning of life in our works. Like a Javanese proverb say, “urip kuwi kudu urup”, meaning, life should be worthwhile and meaningful for ourself and others.

On the recollection’s last day, the participants were given a chance to enjoy the nature of the green and the beautiful garden tour. The staff walked through a clear river and inhale a fresh morning air. They used this chance to relieve the fatigue, perceived during works to the water ripple on the river, to the leaf friction, and the chirping of birds. Others relieved the fatigue in the theme parks available there. Even it was only for three days, this recollection was enough to be a new source of spirit for all KARINA’ personnel to continue their services. Like a handphone, we were fully charged and ready to operate again. Carpe diem! ▪ YB


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