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Diversity, Caritas Family Wealth


There was something unique in the evaluation meeting held by Caritas Internationalis in Singapore some time ago. The first was […]

KARINA Recollection: Living in the spirit of service


On the past March 29 – April 1, 2016, KARINA has done a recollection for staff and the foundation’s caretaker. […]

OMK MAFITA: Young People in Disaster Responsea (Part. 1)


Matris Filio Dicata (Presented by The Mother for The Son). That was what is written on the main gate of […]

Taxation Training: Preserving Public Trust


KARINA Foundation’s work in humanitarian activities for the last ten years is of course not only rely on the spirit […]

The Formulation of HFI Disaster Protocol


At March 10-11, 2016, located in the Main Board of Nahdlatul Ulama Building has been held Preparation Joint Protocol Workshop […]

From Sukoharjo to Indonesia


In the past September 8, 2016, KARINAKAS hold a celebration in the yard of Bela Rasa Building, Panuluh Street, Pringwulung, […]

Back to Manggarai for Organic Farming


All members of Keba’s Farmers Group have plant organic vegetables in the community field and in their own garden. They […]

How to Grow Child’s Interest in Farming


Every time we hear the word “school”, the only thing pops up in our mind is a formal educational place. […]

Contingency Plan: Preparedness Matters


A disaster could happen anywhere and at anytime, with or without a warning. Therefore, no matter how small the preparedness […]

Advocacy Strategy Based on Conscience


The advocacy movement by Caritas Diocese of Nusra Region Forum had just started in Ende City. An old guesthouse that […]

A Note from Sorong: Regional DRR Concept to Manage the Development


This is the second note during the participation of the commemoration of International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017 in […]

Daily note from Sorong: International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017


All hotel rooms in Sorong City have been full since a few days before the agenda of the Commemoration of […]

Studying Child Protection in the Country with Two Currencies


“Running a child protection policy does not mean running a special project on children. All activities we did, development programs, […]

Splitting Kapuas Forest and Upper River


As a working partner, accompanying donors to visit the field is a form of responsibility for the cooperation that has […]

Serving After The Meeting


The Disaster Risk Index (IRB) [1] for Sulawesi Island is high. BNPB charted that in 2015 almost all districts of […]

Spreading the Sphere’s Seeds in Ampah


KARINA (Caritas Indonesia), Diocese Caritas of Palangkaraya and CRS Indonesia recently completed a series of training “STANDARD SPHERE”. The training […]

Press Release: Workshop of DKI Jakarta Urban Farming Grand Design 2017-2030


8 Agustus 2017 No: 100/SP/8/2017 “Workshop on the making of DKI Jakarta Urban Farming Grand Design 2017-2030“   JAKARTA – […]

Smashing Out the Fear of Speaking in Public


Public speaking is not as easy as one can imagine. According to www.glossophobia.com web page, “public speaking is considered the […]

Towards Resiliency in Malang


Malang Diocese is located in the eastern part of East Java province covering 30 parishes. Topography wise, the districts/ towns […]

Baobab II: The Foundation of Caritas Communication


“Every Caritas organization has a good communication but is frequently challenged by resources availability”, as said by Patrick Nicholson, the […]

The Resilient Women from The East (A Video Profile of Maria Suel)


This video presents a profile of Maria Suel, a local women cadre coached by Diocesan Caritas of Ruteng. She is […]

Press Release: PFR Program & Integrated Risk Management


Wednesday, 30 November 2016, New program to boost community resilience to risk launched. A new phase of a unique and […]

Pope Francis Re-Affirms the Church’s Allignment to Poor People


“Be architects of peace and reconciliation between peoples, between communities and between believers. Unleash all your energies, all your commitment, […]

Strengthening the Community & Building Resiliency in Sintang


A while ago, on October 14-18, 2016, KARINA Foundation and Caritas Diocese of Sintang conducted a quarterly monitoring activity for […]

A Souvenir from Farmer’s Exchange in Philippines


In that afternoon, I picked up two farmers from Caritas Diocese Ruteng that would follow a field study in Philippines. […]

E-WASH: Water Supply Management for Emergency Reponse


The first problem that came in a disaster situation is the rarity of clean water. In a crisis situation, disaster […]

A Smile that Rises Hope (Part 2)


Unexpectedly, a heavy rain at Purworejo, Central Java Province on Saturday, June 18, 2016, caused flood and landslide. In the […]

ERICA: Sharpening Emergency Response Skill


After two years implementation of ERICA (Emergency Response Institutional Capacity Accompaniment) Project, CRS Indonesia and KARINA conducted the “ERICA Learning […]

Leadership Training for Humanitarian Workers


In the last mid-March, Caritas Asia works together with CRS Asian Region to hold a leadership training for the directors […]

eValuate and ICT4E Training


Fast respond is needed during the emergency response situation. This will make sure how far the survivors could be served […]

Harmonizing Feeling, Reasoning and Will


Not a long time ago, the Java Regional Forum of Caritas Dioceses conducted an event called “Spiritual Exercise: Laudato Si” […]

Building Commitment for Child Protection


In the first year of 2016, to be precise in January 13th, became a milestone for KARINA Foundation in building […]

Using Technology to Fight Human Trafficking


Human trafficking problems and forced labor occurred globally. 2,5 million people became the victim of human trafficking and 1,4 million […]

Communication and Information


Secara keseluruhan, tujuan dari program ini adalah untuk mempromosikan kegiatan kemanusiaan yang dilakukan oleh KARINA – KWI dan memperluas jaringannya […]

Capacity Building


Program ini lahir berdasarkan adanya kebutuhan untuk mendampingi organisasi Karitas Keuskupan yang ada di seluruh Indonesia dalam proses menuju organisasi […]

Emergency Response Network


Bencana tidak bisa kita prediksi kapan datangnya dan seberapa besar kekuatannya. Yang pasti, ketika bencana datang, dampaknya sangat besar pada […]

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