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How to Grow Child’s Interest in Farming


Every time we hear the word “school”, the only thing pops up in our mind is a formal educational place. Then appears a common image of a building with classes that are full of tables and chairs, with a whiteboard hanging on the wall. However, the image of a school here is a little bit different, with a school located on the hill side of Mount Merapi. The students here learn about agriculture and farming in the field, garden or even a river, every Friday morning until noon.

The local community named this school that is located in Gemer, Ngargomulyo Village, District Dukun of Magelang Region, at the Central Java Province as “Sekolah Sawah” (Farming School). This school was established since the parents had a concern about how they feel to their child who doesn’t know how to farm and doesn’t want to be a farmer. The school where they studied, only teach on formal education materials. This concern, then, pushed the parents to build a Sekolah Sawah program with the help of Kanisius Prontakan Primary School’s Headmaster.

Anak-anak menuju Sekolah Sawah untuk belajar bertani dan beternak di Dusun Gemer, Desa Ngargomulyo (Foto: KARINA).
Students were entering the plot for the Farming School’s class to learn how to farm in Gemer, Ngargomulyo Village (Photo: KARINA).

The parents that were all farmers then formed a group of teachers that will accompany the children in the farming school. They also provided a plot of land as a place to practice agriculture and goat farming. Together with the headmaster, the teachers’ assistants that were called by Sekolah Sawah Team then planned a “farming” study materials that were suitable with the basic lessons in school, like science, Indonesian language, mathematics, etc.

Looking at the enthusiasm of the students and the Sekolah Sawah Team on doing this activity, KARINA was moved to give an assistance in a form of goats, stall-making materials, and organic fertilizer production facility. This was intended to help develop the Sekolah Sawah potential with the activities that could push the independently of the team and Sekolah Sawah itself.

Goats from KARINA were taken care by students of Sekolah Sawah (Photo: KARINA).

On the monitoring activities done on November 10 – 12, 2016, KARINA team saw a good progress from the assistance given on July 2016. For about four months, the five goats from KARINA had gain weight significantly. These five goats consisted of one male goat and four female goats. From those four female goats that are bought, one was breast feeding and two were pregnant. One of the pregnant goats has given birth to a male goat.

When doing field observation, Sekolah Sawah was having a guest visit from St. Maria Krogowanan Ementary School, Sawangan. The students from Sekolah Sawah didn’t feel shy and awkward to share their knowledge and to joy with the other students. They taught them on how to dig, plant seeds, fertilizing, feeding the goats, etc. On that opportunity, Sekolah Sawah Team also invited us and the guest to plant Bodhi Trees (Ficusreligiosa L.) that were full of oxygen near the water springs that had become a life source for the villagers.

Anak-anak tersenyum ceria dan berpose dengan boneka beruang (Foto: KARINA).
Students were having fun with the teddy bears from KARINA (Photo: KARINA).

During the monitoring process, KARINA Foundation team was helped by an internship student, Merlin, from Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta and Ma’am Yenny, one of KARINA’s friend. The monitoring method that was conducted was a group discussion and direct field observation. Besides the activities above, KARINA also shared happiness with the students of Kanisius Prontakan Primary School by giving them teddy bears and stationeries. The joy was also felt by the monitoring team when seeing a smile on the student’s face when they’re receiving the merchandises from KARINA. ●

The writer is Merlin Ratu Suci, semester V students from the Marketing Communication Faculty, Bina Nusantara University Jakarta, who took internship program in KARINA Foundation office. This internship program starts from September 2016 until January 2017. Editor: NAC KARINA.


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