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From Sukoharjo to Indonesia

Pramono Murdoko, the writer of "Dari Sukoharjo untuk Indonesia: Praktik Baik Rehabilitasi Bersumberdaya Masyarakat" (Photo: KARINA)
Pramono Murdoko, the writer of "Dari Sukoharjo untuk Indonesia: Praktik Baik Rehabilitasi Bersumberdaya Masyarakat" (Photo: KARINA)

In the past September 8, 2016, KARINAKAS hold a celebration in the yard of Bela Rasa Building, Panuluh Street, Pringwulung, Yogyakarta. This celebration was packed in the form of discussion and book review. Also, there was an exhibition of work produced from disability group accompanied by the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Program and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Program. This half day activity was attended by invited guests, such as the Government from Sukuharjo Regency, non-governmental organization, the representative from University in Yogyakarta, the representative from Pringwulung Parish, Diffable Community, management and all KARINAKAS staff.

Pameran hasil kerajinan para difabel di halaman Gedung Bela Rasa (Foto: KARINA).
Exhibition of attainments from diffable groups in front of Bela Rasa Building (Photo: KARINA).

The main agenda of this celebration was to discuss and review a book titled “Dari Sukoharjo untuk Indonesia: sebuah praktik baik Program RBM*” that was just published by KARINAKAS. This book review was moderated by Mrs. Nurul Sa’adah (SAPDA Director) and reviewed by Mr. Setia Adi Purwanta (Dria Manunggal Director and Chairman of Disability Committee DIY Province), Mr. Sunarman (PPRBM Director and CBR Practitioners) and Mr. Pramono Murdoko (writer and KARINAKAS Program Manager). Beside book discussion and review, this event was entertained by some songs and music from a diffable music group

KARINAKAS Director, Father Antonius Banu Kurnianto, Pr, in his greeting, requested to the audience to give a suggestion for this book. Like a live documentation, more critics and suggestions will make this book better. This was addressed to the inclusion awareness activities from CBR program, run and developed by KARINAKAS in the last ten year period. So that later, the one that will get many profits is the diffable group, they will get appreciation and respect.

Sentra menyanyi untuk para tamu. Ia adalah salah satu anak yang bergabung di Sanggar Anak Desa Nguter, Sukoharjo (Foto: KARINA).
Sentra sang in front of guests. She was a member of Inclusive Group namely Sanggar Anak Nguter Village, Sukoharjo (Photo: KARINA).

Meanwhile, Mr. Sarmedi (Social Service of Sukoharjo Regency) said that this book was written and packed with the spirit to repair the life of diffable group. This book took a good practice and implementation experience for CBR activities in Nguter Village and Kedungwinong, District Nguter, Sukoharjo Regency. There were so many findings in the field that were worth to be put in the book. The presence of KARINAKAS in Sukoharjo especially had given a new color on taking care of diffable groups and its issues. He hoped that the good experience in Sukoharjo could also be done in other areas of Indonesia, of course, with their own context.

Furthermore, Mr. Sunarman and Mr. Setia agreed that this book was composed nicely. Started from the comprehension of context and CBR strategy, step by step of implementation CBR programs, its obstacle and challenge, until the solution and recommendation for the future development of CBR program were explained clearly. Practices that were given in the book are very contextual with the social problems that happened in our society. So it is not exaggerating, if Mr. Pramono said that “This CBR strategy is not only to answer issues that are faced by diffable group, but also could answer other issues”.

Suasana diskusi dan bedah buku "Dari Sukoharjo untuk Indonesia" (Foto: KARINA).
The discussion and book review of “Dari Sukoharjo untuk Indonesia” (Photo: KARINA).

Looking at the title, this book tried to raise the local context of CBR program in Sukoharjo to bigger context in Indonesia. Mr. Setia added that this book raised the humanity issue in the spirit of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (unity in diversity) and Pancasilaism. The Indonesia ‘spirits’ from this book could be seen in how the writer portrayed the local context of Sukoharjo from many examples of CBR activities in community level. Moreover, KARINAKAS were brave enough to escape from the patronized context of CBR from WHO framework to feature the community effort in bringing back the diffability rights.

Buku yang menjadi bahan diskusi (Foto: KARINA).
The reviewed book (Photo: KARINA).

This book was presented in the middle of the community in order to share and witness good stories in CBR Program implementation in Sukoharjo. Sukoharjo Regency was chosen at that time because they were more prepared than other areas in handling diffability issues. Diffability regulations were already established in this regency since 2009. Hopefully, this book could be a reference to the development of RBM program and be a tool for the advocacy. Therefore, it could also be developed as a manual book to the government program, academic journal, and public reading. ▪ YB


*Dari Sukoharjo untuk Indonesia: sebuah praktik baik Program RBM = From Sukoharjo to Indonesia: a best practice of CBR Program.


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