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Caritas Diocese of Ruteng’s Campaign for Migrants


Caritas Diocese of Ruteng campaigns caring for migrants through the drama “L’Ata Dading” which tells the dynamic life of migrant families in Ruteng Diocese. The staging will be held in a number of parishes and has begun at the Cathedral Parishes of Ruteng on Saturday, September 24th, 2017.

“This staging is one of Caritas Dioceses of Ruteng activities that represents Caritas in Indonesia and welcomes an international migration campaign with the theme of ‘Share the Journey’ which was officially launched on September 27th, 2017 by Pope Francis,” said Fr. Yuvens Rugi, Pr., in the parish hall of the Ruteng Cathedral, Saturday (24/09/2017).

The drama titled “L’Ata Dading” is written and directed by Fr. Edi Menory, Pr and played by the Sunday Schools children (Sekami). The three-play drama with an hour’s duration tells how the housewives support their families while the husbands travels to Malaysia. In addition to struggling to make a living and sending their children to school, the housewives face pressure from social environment that underestimates the women and wives of migrant workers.

The new hope for a brighter future comes when the Caritas Diocese of Ruteng is assisting families who left behind by their migrant husbands. Caritas Diocese of Ruteng collects migrant wives and empowers them through organic farming activities. Not only economic empowerment, Caritas Diocese of Ruteng performs integral mentoring to them by observing various sides of life such as fellowship, brotherhood and faith.


Assistant for the migrant family

Director of Caritas Diocese of Ruteng, Fr. Martin Chen, Pr., explains what Caritas Diocese of Ruteng has done so far has been in line with the global campaign “Share the Journey” conducted by Caritas Internationalis. Caritas Diocese of Ruteng, he said, paid special attention to the families of migrant workers. It has been running for the past four years for support and cooperation with Caritas Indonesia, commonly known as KARINA.

Para pemeran drama “L’Ata Dading” yang terdiri dari anak-anak sekolah minggu (Foto: Komsos Keuskupan Ruteng).
Para pemeran drama “L’Ata Dading” yang terdiri dari anak-anak sekolah minggu (Foto: Komsos Keuskupan Ruteng).


“In the last four years we have worked with KARINA to assist the migrant families, especially the wives and children that has been left behind by their migrant husband. These families are gathered into groups. There, they are assisted to be economically independent.  They are trained on how to develop farming, especially vegetables,” said Father Chen

He hopes the audience of the drama can recognize the dynamics of migrant workers’ family life and build a compassionate attitude with them.

“After knowing them. They also have a compassionated heart. We hope they can spread the messages of solidarity with migrants,” closed Father Chen.


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