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About Karina

“Our Compassion”

KARINA or Caritas Indonesia is officially registered as a Foundation. It was established on 17th May, 2006 by the Bishop Conference of Indonesia as a humanitarian arm body of the Indonesian Catholic Church.

The mandate of KARINA is as a center of coordination, facilitation and animation of the humanitarian services of the Indonesian Catholic Church. In responding to the humanitarian needs, KARINA works closely with Diocesan Caritas or other Socio-pastoral Commissions of the dioceses.

KARINA’s works focus on provision of humanitarian needs of the people affected by disasters, natural as well as human made disaster. In responding to the people in need, KARINA commits to promote peace, justice, human rights and inter religious dialogue in humanitarian action.

Since its establishment in May 2006, KARINA has been actively involving in the humanitarian services, such as emergency response, management for disaster risk reduction, building resilient community living in prone areas of disaster, providing capacity building for Diocesan Caritas staff and community’s facilitators. KARINA and its networks present across Indonesia, represented by 37 Dioceses.

To ensure success of the program services, KARINA has been collaborating with government and other humanitarian organizations. KARINA is a member of Caritas Internationalis Confederation. At a national level, KARINA also becomes a member of some forums working on humanitarian issues; such as Humanitarian Forum Indonesia, Disaster Risk Reduction Forum and some clusters.

Legal Status and Structure of KARINA

Legal status of KARINA is as a Foundation. It is registered by the Department of Law and Human Right of the Republic Indonesia. Boards of Foundation consist of 3 governance bodies: Governing Board, Supervisory Boards and Executive Boards. To implement its program services, the Executive Boards point out an Executive Director. Here is the organizational structure of KARINA:

Governing Boards:

Head               :  Mgr. Martinus Dogma Situmorang, OFMCap

Secretary       :  Mgr. Aloysius Maryadi Sutrisnaatmaka, MSF

Member        :  Mgr. Edmun Woga, CSSR

Supervisory Boards:

Head               :  Mgr. Petrus Turang

Members       :

  1. Mgr. Silvester San
  2. Mgr. Lucius Pardame Simanulang, OFMCap

Executive Boards:

Head             :  Mgr. Ayolsius Sudarso, SCJ

Vice               :  Fr. Ignatius Swasono, SJ

Secretary      :  Mrs. MJL. Sri Murniati

Treasurers     :

  1. Mrs. Fransiska Nelwan Mok
  2. Mrs. Devie Kusumaputri

Members      :

  1. Fr. Josef Emanuel Embu, SVD
  2. Fr, Ewaldus
  3. Fr. Eagidius Eka Aldilanta, O.Carm.
  4. Mrs. Christina Meirawati
  5. Mrs. Brigitta Hadianto Imam Rahayoe
  6. Mr. Herman Yoseph Susmanto
  7. Mr. Paulus Irwan Edy

Executive Director:

Fr. Fredy Rante Taruk


KARINA’s Office

Jl. Matraman No. 31, Jakarta Timur 13150 – Indonesia

P: +62-21-8590-6534/40

F: +62-21-8590 6763

Website: www.karina.or.id,

E-mail: info@karina.or.id

Twitter: @Caritas_ID,

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caritasindonesia


The Organization Structure

160315-Sruktur Organigram KARINA-yadi


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Yayasan KARINA

Jl. Matraman No. 31
Kelurahan Kebon Manggis
Kecamatan Matraman
Jakarta Timur, 13150
Telp : (+62-21) 8590 6534, 8590 6540
Fax : (+62-21) 8590 6763
Email : info@karina.or.id
Facebook : Caritas Indonesia-KARINA
Twitter : @Caritas_ID


Bank Account:

Bank BCA
Account No : 288-308-0599
Atas nama : YAY KARINA
Cabang: Puri Indah, Jakarta