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Emergency Appeal Palu Project By Far


MPCA Distribution Phase 2

On July 23rd, MEAL Team of Caritas PSE Manado conducted Post Distribution Monitoring (PDM) process for the second phase distribution of multipurpose cash assistance (MPCA) which has been conducted in 12 villages in Palu, Sigi and Donggala Districts. The second phase of MPCA’s distributions were at

  • Batusuya Go’o: 452HH
  • Sindosa: 170HH
  • Toaya: 159H
  • Kaliburu: 269HH
  • Jonooge: 261HH
  • Sidera: 151HH
  • Limboro: 108HH
  • Bolapapu: 672HH
  • Lendetovea: 346HH
  • Boladangko: 180HH
  • Tangkulowi: 124HH
  • Palu Kota: 756HH


The MPCA’s support was given to assisted people based on three different categories: households with heavy damage houses (category I), medium damage houses (category II) and light damage houses (category III). The criteria is based on the local government’s regulation. The total households (HH) received MPCA’s supports are 3648 which consists of criteria I 48%, II 29% and III 23%. They will be supported three phase. The last phase will be conducted at the end of July or beginning of August 2019.

Nerimelda (F), one of MPCA beneficiaries said, “thank you Caritas Manado. This support means a lot for me and my family. May God give something good in return to all kindhearted donors.”

Meanwhile, Angga Yanuar Pribadi (M) said, “I received the support very well. Thank you so much for the hard work and compassion you gave to all affected families.”

Yenni (F) also uttered, “I am so thankful for Caritas Manado’s assistance to alleviate our burdens after the earthquake. Myself and people at Boladangko now can move on.”

In order to avoid overlapping of cash distribution process, Caritas PSE Manado and Caritas Indonesia have a regular meeting for CIMOs in country. We also attend the cluster meeting held by local government.


CLDRM Training by CRS Indonesia in Palu (Pictures: Caritas Indonesia).

Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Program

Caritas PSE Manado was assisted by CRS Indonesia to have a strong capacity building in Community-Led Disaster Risk Management (CLDRM). The training was taken on July 15-17 and attended by DRR Team of Caritas PSE Manado. At the end of the day three, the participants also given some exercises how to conduct monitoring and evaluation.

After the training, the team directly implemented the knowledge and skill at Kaliburu’s Village as the pilot project site. Up to now, they have already widened their assistance to Sidera, Sindosa and Batusuya Go’o Villages. There, the team will assist community to develop their community groups as well as to do the participatory disaster risk assessment based on specific hazards and its risks. At the end of the meeting, they will have community action plans which consist of prevention, mitigation and development activities. They expect to complete the DRR Program at 7 villages in three different districts.


Dissemination of MPCA distribution process to assisted communities (Pictures: Caritas PSE Manado).

Psycho-Social Supports (PSS) and Protection Programs

These programs are integrated in different activities, such as in the development of community action plans assisted by DRR Team or in the dissemination of information when the team entered the assisted community with MPCA or Livelihood program. The Protection Team is now developing a policy for their institution which cover the safeguarding and protection issues. This policy is important to protect the people they served and also their staffs during the project implementation.

Meanwhile, PSS Team will develop the referral mechanism for psycho-social supports after the disaster in cooperation with JRS Indonesia. Caritas PSE Manado and JRS Indonesia will work together in three villages, namely Batusuya Go’o and Sindosa at Donggala District and Sidera Village at Sigi District). They will also integrate their assistance with DRR Program so that in the end of the EA Project they will have seven assisted villages.


Members of CI in Palu had a regular meeting at Yayasan Pusaka’s Office, a local Partner of Caritas Swiss (Picture: Caritas Indonesia).


A regular meeting with CIMOs in country is held every two weeks. The last meeting was taken place on July 18 and attended by representatives from CRS Indonesia, Caritas Swiss, Cordaid, Caritas Germany, Caritas Italiana, Caritas PSE Manado, Caritas Indonesia and EA Coordinator. The next meeting will be held on August 26, 2019. ●

Caritas PSE Manado’s staffs distributed MPCA supports to affected communities (Pictures: Caritas PSE Manado).

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