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Formulating Emergency Response Management in Palangka Raya and Makassar



In many places, natural disasters happened outside human calculations, in terms of location, time and the impacts. It is good for people to have an outlook precautious toward unpredictable disasters, including they who work in the field of public services to reduce the risks or to minimize casualties. Therefore, a standard guidance or SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) of emergency response (ER) should be prepared by a public service agency.

Group discussion in the Diocese of Palangkaraya (Photo: Karina)

In that context, the Caritas Diocese of Palangka Raya and Caritas Archdiocese of Makassar in collaboration with Karina held two interconnected events, a Review of ER SOP Draft and a Workshop of ER SOP. The Diocese of Palangka Raya organized those 2 activities on March 18 – 21, 2019, and attended by 34 representatives from 25 parishes of the Palangka Raya Diocese. Among those who participated in these events were Fr. Yoseph Pati Mudaj, MSF (Caritas Director of Palangka Raya Diocese), Fr. Thomas Ehe Tukan (Vicars Judicial of Palangka Raya Diocese), Fr. Dominikus Kefi (Head of the Justice and Peace Commission of Palangka Raya Diocese), Fr. Darmakusuma, MSF (Head of the Social Economic Development Commission of Palangka Raya Diocese), Fr. Bernardimus Penta (Treasurer of Palangka Raya Diocese), Salbiyah (CRS Indonesia), and Cindy Aprilia (BINUS internship student at Karina).


Such similar activities were also organized in the Archdiocese of Makassar on March 25 – 28, 2019, and attended by 28 participants, including Fr. Linus Oge (the Social Economic Development/Executive Secretary of Caritas Makassar Archdiocese), representatives from viacariates and parishes of Makassar Archdiocese, social activists, the Caritas Makassar team, and CRS Indonesia.

Some participants at the discussion session of the SOP Makassar Archdiocese. (Photo: Karina)

The goal of those events were to facilitate the developments of SOP in diocesan level which was clearly reflecting roles and responsibilities of stakeholders, especially between the Dioceses and KARINA in the emergency response periodes. So, when a disaster strikes in a diocese area, the diocesan SOP will clearly define the things to do in emergency response based on types of disasters, urgent needs, working procedures and volunteer management.

Bishop of Palangka Raya Diocese, Mgr. Aloysius Sutrisnaatmaka, MSF, appreciates and supports these activities as the follow up of the CAPABLE project that has been running since the 2017. He was hoping that after this workshop, the Diocese of Palangka Raya has a document of SOP for emergency response situation that can be considered as a management guideline in responding disasters. A similar hope also expressed by Fr. Joni Payuk, CICM (Vicar General of Makassar Archdiocese) who said that through this activity, the Caritas Makassar is expected not only to respond when disaster strikes the area of Makassar Archdiocese, but also to have a guidance document that could be used in emergency situation, as well as to design Disaster Risk Reduction programs.

Facilitator from CRS Indonesia, guides discussion process. (Photo: Karina)

There were significant notes from those events, both in the Diocese of Palangka Raya and in the Archdiocese of Makassar. Most of participants proposed that for the next capacity-building activities, it is important to invite people from related commissions in each dioceses, religious orders, categorical groups, institutions and foundations that work in the dioceses’ area. It is important, since some Heads of Diocesans’ Commission have not fully understanding yet to the works Caritas Indonesia network. Hopefully, by increasing numbers of people who know Caritas activities, people pay more attention to this humanitarian service institution so that more people in need could be reached and served.


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