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A Bright Hope in the Long Road of CI MS

(Photo Courtesy of Caritas Asia).

Four years ago, the Secretariat General of Caritas Internationalis (CI) issued a management standard for the members of CI Confederation to be able to well manage their institutions and programs, without leaving the values of Caritas and the Catholic Social Teachings. It is then called Caritas Internationalis Management Standard (CI MS). The Pope Francis himself also welcomed thankfully this good news. “I also congratulate the Governance bodies and the General Secretariat of Caritas Internationalis for developing and approving the Management Standards and Code of Conduct for the member organizations,” said the Pope.

He added, “these instruments must now be applied to strengthen the transparency and credibility of Caritas. Let us remember that we are accountable to God, to the Church, to the donors and in particular, to the poor with whom the Lord identifies Himself. By serving them with humility, dedication, self-denial and professionalism, we promote the Church’s mission of forming one human family, caring for creation” (19 October 2015).

CI MS Coordinators discussed a group exercise during the training session (Photo: Karina).

After being introduced and informed for four years, CI invited representatives of its members from all regions to get the first CI MS Training-of-Trainers (CI MS TOT) for all coordinators. This training is important for CI MS coordinators since they will provide the same training to other CI MS Coordinators within their respective regions and help their Caritas organizations to apply the CI MS system and tools. Broadly speaking, CI MS is intended to see the quality of Caritas’ work for the community and to the Church. Meaning to say, CI MS helps the institutions to response based on the results of self-assessment and to do the self-development plan in terms ofcapacity and institutional development.

This CI MS TOT was held in Bangkok from 19-23 November 2018 and was attended by 20 participants from the Regions of Asia, Oceania, Africa, and MONA. This 5-day training was facilitated by the CI MS Facilitators from Caritas Internationalis. During the training, participants were given a brief history of CI MS and how to see the needs to apply CI MS in each member organization. They were also asked to learn Risk Management (RM) and its relation to CI MS. This RM is needed so that the institution can identify problems, anticipate it and find the best solution. Whereas CI MS is a learning tool to identify and mitigate risks.

Based on Risk Management and CI MS, institutions can put various kinds of problems in proportion and deal with them effectively and efficiently. The institution’s ability to respond to various types of problems will form the resilience of the institution itself. Resilience (bounce back) and the capacity of institutions to manage problems are the essential points for an organization to grow better. This CI MS tool has integrated various types of existing institutional assessment tools used by Caritas Member Organizations such as Caritas Australia, CRS, Cordaid, CAFOD and Trocaire.

Participant from NASSA-Caritas Philippines presented the group work to other participants (Photo: Karina).

During the training, the participants were not only given material about CI MS, but also the assessment tools called the Organizational Review Tool (ORT). This assessment tool will be needed by the coordinators to assist Caritas organization in conducting their self-assessment. In addition, the participants also received materials about what needed to be done as a facilitator in the training. Therefore, during the training process, participants were provided opportunities to directly exercise their facilitation skills on CI MS.

Afterwards, participants could immediately give and receive feedback from the other participants and training facilitators. This training had many benefits, among others are opportunities to understand the new CI MS and the self-assessment tool. In addition, all participants also had a valuable experience of seeing the facilitation style of each person, which they will take back and try to use it in their own context. What was more, the participants were proud to be the first persons and promoters for CI MS in Caritas families around the world. [yb]


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