[VACANCY]: Safeguarding and Strategic Compliance Officer




POSITION TITLE : Safeguarding and Strategic Compliance Officer
REPORTING LINE : Executive Director
DUTY STATION : Caritas Indonesia’s Head Office in East Jakarta
EMPLOYMENT STATUS : 2 years contract based, renewable.



Caritas Indonesia (Yayasan KARINA) is the humanitarian institution of the Indonesian Bishops’ Conference and a member of the Caritas Internationalis confederation, whose mandate is to be a centre of coordination, facilitation and animation of the humanitarian services of the Indonesian Catholic Church.



Caritas Indonesia operates under a set of Caritas Internationalis Management Standards (CIMS) including the commitment to exemplify a culture of safeguarding and protection. To this end, Caritas Indonesia is in the process of mainstreaming safeguarding across the Caritas Indonesia member organisations (MOs) and Dioceses throughout the country. The two main goals of this process are to:

  1. Ensure that all Caritas Indonesia MOs and Dioceses in Indonesia adhere to the same high safeguarding standards within their organisations as well as across their programmes and projects,
  2. Ensure that appropriate structures are in place to respond appropriately and at scale to safeguarding cases.

Caritas Indonesia is now looking for an experienced Safeguarding and Strategic Compliance Officer who will be in charge of leading and overseeing this process.



To lead the process of mainstreaming safeguarding across the Caritas Indonesia MOs and Dioceses, and to make sure that safeguarding cases are responded appropriately and at scale.




  1. Responsible for assessing all Caritas Indonesia MOs and Dioceses compliance with Caritas Internationalis Management Standard (CIMS)
  2. Liaise with community-based staff to ensure the provision of safe and timely services to support staff and volunteers in the field
  3. Carry out spot checks on staff and other stakeholders in the community
  4. Produce written report on assessment findings both compliments and complaints
  5. Provide recommendations and follow-up plan

Capacity Building 


In order to continuously build awareness and understanding on safeguarding across the national member organisations and dioceses:

  • Lead on the development of the Caritas Indonesia Safeguarding Training module, including an initial training of trainers of appointed Caritas Indonesia members and regional focal points
  • Lead on the implementation of the CI Safeguarding Training plan
  • Support the development/identification of an appropriate Safeguarding Online Training available to all staff, volunteers and governance
  • Lead on the development of a training module for Caritas top leadership such as Executive Directors
  • Develop/monitor the development of a database to track how many staff have completed trainings (on-line and face-to-face)
  • Regularly map training/capacity building initiatives that are taking place nation-wide


Management Standard on Safeguarding

Work closely with the Organisation and Communication department to:

  • Support the dissemination of the Management Standard on Safeguarding (i.e. developing appropriate guidance etc.)
  • Support the implementation of the Management Standard on Safeguarding (i.e. mobilise appropriate support to complete self-assessments, external assessments etc.)
  • Provide targeted accompaniment to Caritas Indonesia MOs through the Caritas Indonesia Management to implement improvement plans against the Management Standard on Safeguarding


Complaints Handling

  1. Receive and acknowledge complaints in a timely manner
  2. Screen and assess the type and nature of the complaint and undertake the appropriate course of action as follows:
  • Convene the Caritas Indonesia Safeguarding and Complaints Committee for allegations that represent a high reputational risk for the national member organisations of Caritas Indonesia and dioceses
  • Convene the external consulting firm (to be identified) for internal cases
  • Refer the complaint to the Caritas Indonesia national member organisations for cases that do not represent a high reputational risk and identify the support required to process the complaint



  • Identify and finalize MoUs with reputable organizations to source expert investigators
  • Support and facilitate the investigation of allegations as requested and needed by MOs
  • Acting upon the advice of the Caritas Indonesia Safeguarding and Complaints Committee, facilitate high-level investigations for cases that represent a high reputational risk for the institution
  • Identify training opportunities for Caritas Indonesia MOs on investigations


Supporting Regions in the field of Safeguarding

Support regions to identify safeguarding focal points and work with regional Safeguarding Focal Points to

  • support the implementation of the Safeguarding Training roll-out plan
  • support the dissemination and implementation of the Management Standard on Safeguarding
  • follow-up and ensure the necessary support to the regions in the field of Safeguarding



  • Set-up appropriate systems to register safeguarding cases
  • Set-up a database to compile case data
  • Comprehensive progress report on mainstreaming safeguarding across the nation
  • Annual report on overall case data



  • Make sure the current Caritas Indonesia safeguarding policy framework is strengthened by introducing new policies and updating existing ones
  • Make sure new/updated policies are rolled-out across the nation


External Representation

  • Be the representative of Caritas Indonesia to coordinate, present and socialise to external parties on Safeguarding issues.



  • At least two (2) years of relevant experience as a Safeguarding Officer in an advisory or management role with progressive responsibilities. NGO experience preferred.
  • At least a total of six (6) years of professional working experience
  • Minimum age of 30 years old
  • Excellent knowledge of the Caritas Confederation is preferred
  • Excellent knowledge of the humanitarian sector (IASC/UN) at the operational level
  • Experience in designing and implementing safeguarding policies and practices related to staff (internal) and/or partners (external)
  • Experience in conducting objective investigations of staff misconduct
  • Extensive experience creating and rolling out culturally sensitive training and capacity-building programs, materials, and communications
  • Experience in mentoring, coaching, facilitation and training applying adult learning principles and practices
  • Experience and skills in networking and relations with donors, peer organizations, and faith-based and civil society partners. Strong understanding of partnership principles



  • Bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies, Psychology, Law, or other relevant fields. Master’s degree in Gender, Sexual Reproduction and Public Health, or Public Law is a major plus.
  • Strong ability to work with partners using effective interpersonal and communication skills and to respectfully interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.
  • Strong analytical skills, monitoring and evaluation and report building.
  • Strong presentation, facilitation, training, mentoring, and coaching skills.
  • Strong computer skills including facility with standard desktop applications.
  • Solid organizational/time management skills.
  • Proactive, resourceful and results-oriented.
  • High-level communication skills
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English and Indonesian



  • Willing to travel to assigned locations by Caritas Indonesia
  • Willing to work from the office
  • Great physical and psychological health



  1. Create a handwritten Cover Letter on an A4 size paper (plain white and no lines), conveying the following points:
  • Your relevant experience to the role
  • Reason of your interest to the role
  • Soonest availability to commence working
  • Current/last and expected salary
  • List 3 professional referees (name, position, organisation, relation and contact number)
  1. Updated Resume/CV
  2. Relevant certificate
  3. A scanned copy of a valid ID Card


Please send the above documents to venny@karina.or.id and dhion@karina.or.id before

Sunday, 23rd May 2021 by 17.00 Western Indonesian Time.


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