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13 Years of Karina: Confirming the Spirituality of Belarasa




Karina (Caritas Indonesia) was founded on May 17, 2006 by the Indonesian Bishops’ Conference (KWI) to provide humanitarian services in the field of disaster risk reduction. Having mandate as a center for coordination, animation and facilitation for Caritas of Dioceses in Indonesia, the services of Karina haven’t referred only to people of certain beliefs, ethnicities and races. Right from the early works up to now, there are countless families and communities in Indonesia have been served by Karina.


Introduction into a unique team building by facilitator (Photo: Karina)


As time goes on, the challenges faced by Karina getting complex. The fast paced of social, political and economic situation with an amazing development of information technology requires a quick adaptation without ignoring human dignity in providing humanitarian services. In this adaptation process, Karina staffs were expected to keep knowing themselves, colleagues and their surrounding environment. To realize this challenge, Karina’s operational staffs held an Outing in Tidung Island, Kepulauan Seribu, on May 16-17, 2019.


All staffs involved in a unique game as part of the team building session. (Photo: Karina)


The purpose of this Outing was to refresh both mentally and spiritually through participating in serial sessions. Karina’s staffs were invited to restore their relationships with their inner self, fellow staff and with God. Rudy Rakasiwi, as a facilitator, facilitates all staffs to recollect their capacities and capabilities through “Team Building” games, while Gofur introduced the environment and nature of Tidung Island. Another important session was a spiritual reflection guided by Father Ignatius Swasono, SJ. As the event was held on Ramadan, Karina staffs adjusted their mealtime with fellow staffs who were fasting. So, when the times of ‘buka puasa’ and ‘sahur’, all Karina staff gathered in one room to respect their ritual meal tradition. This was a form of Belarasa (Compassion) spirit which is fundamental for Karina Foundation.


Exercising a teamwork through the game (Photo: Karina)


Two significant notes taken from this Outing were sessions of Team Building and Spiritual Reflection. In Team Building session, through unique games, facilitator succeeded in improving Karina Staffs’ awareness to explore thoroughly personal capacities and combine them in a solid teamwork. Inside the process, all staffs recognized that teamwork was important to achieve a target. Knowing potential and uniqueness of each person in a team is a must but combining all those personal matters into a solid collaboration is more important to accomplish a job. In Spiritual Reflection, Father Swasono, SJ intensely provided a basic guide to the Compassion spirituality. He started systematically from the vocation of life, relationships with others, inter-faiths dialogue (tolerance), to the emphasizing points of spirituality itself in the era of information and technology.


Spiritual reflection by Fr. Ignatius Swasono, SJ. (Photo: Karina)


Spiritual Reflection was the essential part of the Karina 13th anniversary this year. Father Swasono, SJ emphasized 3 key words to enter the Compassion spirituality, Spiritu, Corde and Practice. Spiritu is the Spirit of God Himself that, in many ways, has moved and guided Karina since its establishment until now. Through factual experiences, Spiritu teaches moral virtues of God Himself as the basic principles. Corde is an initial of a Will or Affection. Karina’s staffs are expected not merely knowing the served communities, but also understand and having time to listen, to love and to be in joy with them. In this way, Karina staffs hopefully will be able to realize that their services were not a daily routine, but it’s indeed a dedication to a Divine wisdom. Practice means heart-fully implementing the understanding of Corde. This spiritual orientation guidance by Father Swasono, SJ, expectedly motivates Karina staffs in implementing basic principles of Karina’s humanitarian service in the spirit of our compassion. Happy 13th Anniversary, Karina. Salam Belarasa! ●


Staffs of Karina are happy to serve. (Photo: Karina)

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